Folkstate derives the beautiful culture belonging to the different states of India. We try to make your day a little better by our little collective efforts of delivering authentic products created by genuine farmer and love. We believe in preserving ethnicity hence we try connecting our valuable customers right to the doorsteps of the workshops of skilled craftsmen transparently and directly without any adulteration. And hence we believe in delivering only the best and the most genuine. 

We the team of Folkstate really hope to make you know to the richness of various Indian native products whose essence is lost now due to deficient exposure. We are trying our best to bring back this ethnicity and uniqueness of our very own cultures belonging to different regions. So hop on and let’s explore our Incredible India together.

Folkstate concept was built up in a small village of Nalbari District in Assam and a small team of Software Engineers residing in Bangalore started this online platform with a dream to deliver the world the best and uniqueness through the various native and ethnic products. Folkstate is now having its business in many north eastern and southern regions of India. Folkstate has its Operating branch in the IT hub Bangalore, India.

” We, Folkstate believe in delivering Uniqueness from the Core “